Why I Will Never Stop Talking About God's Love

Just another normal day on Facebook for me. 

I talk about God loving all, and people go bat-crap-crazy. 

It shouldn't anymore, but it astounds me how people can be so adamant AGAINST the unconditional love and grace of God. I just don't get it. If He lavished upon us His love, mercy and grace, why would we ever believe He won't do that for all mankind? Why do we believe it's only for us and that we shouldn't reciprocate to others?

The problem is this: The Bible is a very dangerous book.

All of this hate and vehement vitriol against other members of humanity comes straight from the ancient text. 

The KKK organization provides scripture to support their stance.

Westboro Baptist Church provides scripture to support their stance.

The hate displayed towards the LGBT community, immigrants and other people/groups all have scripture to support their stance. 

I guess that's why the Bible didn't become flesh and dwell among us, Jesus did. He is the Word of God. And I'm so thankful for that truth. 

I want to show you some comments from Facebook after I talked about everyone being stamped with God's image and having the same value and worth. It happens all the time. I try not to argue with people, but sometimes I feel I need to keep pressing a little and share as much truth as I can.

Because of comments like the ones below, I will never stop talking about God's love. Yesterday, I posted this: "I don't think the lost have trouble believing God loves them. I think they have trouble believing Christians do."

When that thought entered my head, I was like, ouch. That's a very sobering statement. 

There is enough hate against the lost on social media. Let's focus on spreading love, grace, mercy, compassion, empathy and kindness.